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Trophy Auto SpaIntroduction


Remember how wonderful it felt to drive your car when it was brand new … felt like it drove better … didn’t it? Get ready for a little “déjà vu” as Trophy Auto Spa gets your car cleaner than you thought possible … inside and out (even in places you didn’t even know you should clean).

PROTECTION is every bit as important as SHINE. You could spend an entire Saturday scrubbing and waxing your car and still not achieve the shine and protection you want and need … especially here in Southern California. Heat, humidity, mold, dust, salt air, pollen, bugs and bird stuff, all eat away at your paint, chrome, dash, roof liner and carpets. Many of the soaps, waxes and cleaners that are commonly used, even by other “professionals”, contain chemicals that make your vehicle look shiny, but can actually strip away important protective elements.

At Trophy Auto Spa, we respect the fact that you trust us with your most expensive investments … your car, truck and home. We refuse to cut costs with chemicals that could cause damage and leave you unprotected. Our professionals only use Top Quality Products to ensure the ultimate customer experience … with integrity.

Give Trophy Auto Spa a call today and get started driving a clean car. 619-729-0697