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Paint Coating

Second Skin

Second Skin 6 was designed utilizing aerospace protection polymers to ensure that your vehicle resists water, dirt, and moisture. Second Skin 6 Hybrid Vehicle Coating System was developed to have a much longer protection life span than a typical wax or sealant. The revolutionary coating bonds to the surface on the nano level to create a shield that is extremely durable and is smooth as glass. The innovative Second Skin 6 Hybrid Coating uses oxygen in the air to cure for the ultimate protection. The unmatched level of clarity, shine, depth, and protection lasts for years, not days. The advanced protection polymers engineered into Chemical Guys Second Skin 6 Hybrid Vehicle Coating System allows any color paintwork to be protected and enhanced to perfection. Step into the 21st century and protect your car with the most advanced car care technology on the planet. Second Skin Hybrid Vehicle Coating System will provide your vehicle with the highest level of durability and brilliant shine.

second skin

San Diego Car Detailing with Teflon Sealants

Trophy Auto Spa uses the highest quality Teflon sealant to give your paint a shine and shimmer that will outlast the traditional automotive waxes that most San Diego auto detailers use. Our Teflon sealant will protect you from fallout, bird dropping bugs and much more for up to 2 years.

New Car Prep Teflon Applications

Starting at just $169

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