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Your automobile is a direct extension of who you are. You wouldn’t show up to a meeting in a wrinkled suit or with dirt on your face. At Trophy Auto Spa we make sure you are dressed to impress, and that doesn’t just mean clean, we make your car sparkle, inside and out!

To be the best you must use the best. That is why we only use the best products including High-End waxes which are bio-degradable and therefore safest for your vehicle. Tests have proven that these natural elements provide the most effective results and bring out the truest colors and finishes without harming your investment.


At Trophy Auto Spa we provide Auto Detailing packages to meet all of your car detailing needs. From car washes to complete details we have the right package for you.


Want longer lasting, tougher, and better protection than wax? At trophy auto spa we provide professional permanent paint protection. Revivify and ceramic pro.


Hard water etching, swirl marks, scuffs, scratches, oxidation, and more. Our paint correction tech are able to remove any defects leaving your car with a mirror image.

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Trophy Auto Spa Services

Ceramic Coating

Car Wash

Window Tinting


Paint Protection

Vehicle Wraps



Even small imperfections or cracks can impair the driver’s ability to see the road and to react quickly to changing road conditions. It’s essential to repair windshield chips, cracks and other defects quickly before they pose a risk to drivers or passengers. Small problems can sometimes be solved by auto glass repair, an advanced process that injects a polymer blend into the damaged area and essentially patches the glass, eliminating the problem. Managing smaller cracks and chips before they become serious barriers to the driver’s field of vision is essential. At All Star Glass, we have the skill and knowledge to repair your auto glass quickly and to the highest standards of quality and safety.


Auto glass is one of the most important structural support features of your vehicle. The windshield, windows and other auto glass components of your vehicle help to protect and shield you against injuries. Additionally, proper air bag deployment requires that the windshield and side windows be installed correctly. Our auto glass installations adhere to manufacturers’ recommendations and are in compliance with all applicable federal standards, ensuring that your vehicle is safe, secure and ready to protect you if an accident should occur. We replace auto glass to exacting standards. Additionally, our installers undergo periodic training with vehicle and adhesive manufacturers to ensure that our work is of the highest quality. Your safety depends on it.



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